Grand Finale!…and some other news.

The Wizards' DiscussionHello everyone! The last time I posted, I was only halfway done with this project. Now it’s finished! Overall, the project didn’t take that long. It was about 1 week of planning, drawing compositions, gathering reference photos and observing light/shadow, and another week in order to finish. The piece is drawn in soft pastels and pastel pencils on Ampersands “PastelBord”, and is not sprayed with fixative. I had a blast with this project, and maybe I’ll draw something similar to it someday.

In other news, I’m going to be heading off to college in September, so my site/blog will not be updated that often since I won’t have access to the resources I do at home. I’ll be sure to update my site during Winter Break, and post whatever work I have done for the semester.



An Exaggerated Aged Self-Portrait (WIP)

Me, myself, and I

Hmmmm...indeed...Old me, Take 2

Old me with a WizardEarlier this year, I began working on a project inspired by the incredible illustrator Dennis Nolan. I had been roaming the internet, looking for new techniques, art styles, and subjects, hoping to find something that would inspire me. During this search, I decided to check out some of my potential professors at the Hartford Art School, and was amazed by some of the work the Professor Nolan had produced, including his illustrations for the original Sword in the Stone novel. Amongst my favorite paintings was the one depicting Merlin in his tower, reading a book. While examining this work, I discovered that Nolan had used himself as the basis for Merlin’s appearance. This concept intrigued me, so I began considering what I now call an “exaggerated aged self-portrait”. I began sketching out possible compositions, then took myself, exaggerated certain features, and added on about 50-70 years. Then I took me, and placed me inside Nolan’s original composition by extending it outward. I am now about halfway done, but I hope to be finished soon!

Let the portfolio begin!

Hello everyone! I just created this website so that I could gather my artwork in one place and share it with everyone interested. Please feel free to take a look around, leave a comment, or even give me a quick critique (or a long one if you are interested). I’m looking forward to posting sketches, tutorials, material reviews, and finished products on this site, so please stay tuned!